3-Day Retreat

Starting with Ourselves | 1 – 3 DEC 17

Join International Speaker, Author and Facilitator, Al Jeffery in rural Victoria, for a three day immersion to experience and learn the skills required of us in the emerging era of regenerative culture and community.

Meet Al and get a taste of what you will be experiencing with an intimate group of like and different-minded people!

You are someone that believes that we are entering a new era. An era that requires us to work with each other more deeply, work in relationship with the land and come to know our own purpose and role more clearly. A Modern Tribe that doesn’t see advancement and technology as a substitute for wisdom and lived knowledge, but rather by its side. We learn from our ancestors who have done this for centuries, but apply it to our modern evolving world.

Join an intimate gathering of like and different-minded creatives, thinkers and doers to dive in, experience and learn the skills to thrive in the Modern Tribe:

Hatha yoga, meditation and self-mastery

Facilitated workshops to foster greater connection with your body, mind and intuition. Deepening your self-practices to reach a place of creative flow.

Basics to permaculture and regeneration

Learn the basics to permaculture philosophy and practice in a way that you will be able to take back home!

Enjoy nourishing local foods

Be nourished by every meal, curated and facilitated in a way that builds mindfulness and ritual back into eating.

Relationship capacity-building

Through practices using movement, touch and conversation we will deepen our abilities to foster meaningful relationships and hold space for vulnerability.

Basics to group facilitation

Being a facilitator and present-based leader during this transition is important! Learn the basics to facilitating a group so you can take this home to work and life.

Space to integrate and reflect

Based at Commonground you will have plenty of space and time to reflect, have time to yourself and come back clear and re-charged!

Pre and Post Retreat Webinars

You will have the opportunity to join 2 group calls 1 month prior to the retreat to meet your community online, share intentions and lay foundations before we arrive on the ground.

Following the retreat, you will be invited to an online webinar call 2 weeks afterwards to support you in your integration and grounding your self-practices.

What you will walk away with:

Clear understanding of your own sense of purpose, passion and personal strengths.

Personalised self-practices to nurture your own balance through a 1-on-1 coaching session with Al

Tools to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with those around you

Strong understanding of the art of facilitation for you to take back to your relationships, workplace, leadership and own development.

Basic introduction to Permaculture principles and how to apply them in an urban setting

Connection with a group of people and potential collaborators that will become ‘friendtors’ in your personal and professional life!

Opportunity to further your facilitation training with Groupwork Institute

Pathways to deepen your personal development journey with Realise Flow and Al

What the experience will look like:

Day 1


Welcome Workshop



Afternoon Tea

The Whole-Self Workshop

Personal Belief-Mapping


Live music by xi-tika

Day 2

$ 99

Morning hatha yoga & Osho meditation


Circle of Trust – Revealing Relationship Patterns

Morning tea

Uncovering and Deepening Our Purpose


Art of Facilitation with Groupwork Institute

Afternoon Tea

Richard Telford Permaculture Tour

Permaculture action time – get our hands in the garden!


Reflection on day and journalling

Day 3

$ 99

Morning Hatha yoga & dynamic meditation


Developing our self-practices

Closing Intentions



Al is one of the most articulate, educated, yet unreservedly humble people I know. It was a total pleasure to be part of such a special experience. He challenged us through different exercises on our ideas of community by recreating ourselves in the way we communicate through a deeper sense of connectedness. I feel lighter and happier and am already implementing what I have learnt. Thank you Al!

Jo DuffyDirector, Mindful Tribes

Al's workshop really affected me and I still reflect on it almost a year later. I was confronted with how I interact with and am viewed by others. I learnt a lot of positive things about myself that I would have overlooked if it wasn't for the workshop. Working together with a collective of strangers was really empowering as Al taught us about space, movement and contact. I really believe that anyone who goes into these workshops will come out with a new outlook on life and highly recommend that you give it a go!

Al was a highly perceptive and personable facilitator who made everyone feel at ease. He delivered a highly bespoke workshop that clearly responded to each participants story and personal journey. Drawing from his diverse experiences, Al implemented activities that seemed best fit for the group at any given time.

Sally McKittrickMelbourne Writers Festival

Your facilitators:

Al Jeffery

Realise Flow – author of Modern Tribe, international speaker, entrepreneur, and human performance and connection facilitator.

Richard Telford

Permaculture designer, founder of PermaculturePrinciples.com, graphic artist and co-author with David Holmgren.

Groupwork Institute

One of Groupwork Institute‘s expert facilitation trainers will be joining us for a workshop on Group Facilitation also!

Retreat Partners:

Facilitator – Realise Flow and Al Jeffery
Organiser – Mindful Tribes
Workshops will be run in our giant Tipi
Hosted at Commonground

Solo Room AccommodationEarlybird Offer Ends May 31st

$ 2358

EARLYBIRD OFFER ENDS MAY 31STPlease be aware that the earlybird price expires on 31st May at which point the price is $2620 per person.

Twin Share AccommodationEARLYBIRD OFFER ENDS MAY 31ST

$ 2169

EARLYBIRD OFFER ENDS MAY 31STPlease be aware that the earlybird price expires on 31st May at which point the price is $2410 per person.

Triple Room AccommodationEARLYBIRD OFFER ENDS MAY 31ST

$ 1962

EARLYBIRD OFFER ENDS MAY 31STPlease be aware that the earlybird price expires on 31st May at which point the price is $2162 per person.

Payment plan is available, see options here.
All details are also available at Mindful Tribes.

We can’t wait to meet you and have you meet each other.

You can book here now through our retreat partner, Mindful Tribes’ website.

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